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Why Choose Breeza As Your Trusted Foreign Property Consultant?

Location, Property Advice & The Search


First, we set up a plan specialized to you and your needs and wants for your property and business. We will narrow down the location of where your rental business will be the most successful. We also discuss what type of investment is right for you. Studio vs. one or two bedrooms, modern and renovated vs. a renovation project, as they each have their pros and cons. Once we have your plan in place, we begin the search. It's not as easy looking for properties abroad, there is not a one-stop shop of listings, unfortunately. We will constantly be on the lookout and send you listings we know you will love. 

The Property Purchase


We handle everything that has to do with the sale* keeping you in the loop through the entire process. We work with the most professional brokers, agents, and lawyers in each of our specialized locations and ensure a safe, legal, and trusted sale.  We know the sale seems like an impossible process as a foreign investor, although we know that we can make the process smoother and just as safe as if you were to buy in your own home country. 

Property Management


We have teamed up with some of the best property management companies around the World. After the sale, we discuss what may need to be done with the property to get it rental-ready. Furthermore, we set up a property management service so that you can rest assured you will get the most out of your property while you are sound asleep in your home country.


Or if you prefer to be more hands-on and save on fees we can coach you on how to manage the property from anywhere.

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