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Advantages of Investing Abroad With Breeza 

Diversified Portfolio

All seasoned investors adhere to the cliché that putting all your eggs in one basket is risky. Diversifying into international real estate offers a greater chance of managing risk-adjusted returns.

Little To No Property Tax

Taxes make the world go round…if they’re well spent. They also significantly impact property portfolios in the USA, so it can be a revelation that some countries have low to zero property taxes. some countries charge zero annual property taxes. Here's a small sample: Croatia, Malta, Thailand, Liechtenstein and Seychelles.

Dual Citizenship - Golden Visa

There are reasons to invest in overseas real estate that goes beyond growing your nest egg. One compelling reason is to obtain a second passport or permit to live in another country. If you obtain citizenship or residency visa to live in a European Union country, you've effectively got the right to travel anywhere in the EU. That’s 27 countries (plus 3 EEA countries) stretching from the Mediterranean to the Northern Lights.

Vacation Home (or plan B, let's get out of here)

A rarely discussed benefit is how much easier it is to get away from the US with a second home. We’re not saying you should copy the billionaires building apocalypse-proof bunkers in New Zealand. But even if you just need a break from the familiar, a property near the beaches of Portugal or Croatia will never go out of fashion.

Investing In Overseas Real Estate Can Be a Lifechanging Adventure

Investing in real estate abroad is inherently adventurous and can be a life-affirming experience. It's your chance to experience an unfamiliar world, discover life beyond our shores, and make new friends. Above all, it will be something that will keep you engaged in a world beyond the horizon. 

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