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About Us



Breeza represents an adventurous lifestyle change. Anyone can own a property in a cheaper state in the US, but we chose to take our investments out of the USA and into a more affordable, exciting and booming market.


Breeza represents a mixture of financial freedom, the love of travel, and a passion for investing. We've been traveling and making contacts around the world since 2009.


I started as a part-time Realtor with Keller Williams in Santa Barbara, California, however domestic sales never really “tooted my horn.” Everyone already knows someone who can sell them a house in the US.

With over 15 years of experience combined in international travel and Airbnb hosting, I am now a full-time consultant that helps Americans purchase property and set up their businesses abroad.

Me and my partner own three apartments in Croatia that I manage myself remotely. We vacation for free every year, and rent them out while we aren’t there.

When you buy abroad, it’s not just a property that you are are buying into a lifestyle. You are buying into a business to pass down to future generations, not to mention a vacation home or retirement plan.

When I talk about my investments I don’t talk about a 4 unit ugly building in (insert boring/cheap state in the US).

I talk about Europe! I talk about travel. I talk about Croatia and how far it’s come since we bought three years ago and how I love it more each year.

Would I have bought internationally on my own without my partner? No. I know I wouldn't have. He is European and had previous experience in buying property in England and France which made me feel safe in doing a transaction in Croatia even though he had never done one there - in fact, this was his first time visiting Croatia.

Without him doing anything but being there to do it with, he helped me feel safe in the process.

There is also something to be said about having someone help you to see something through. Hold you accountable, and want to see you succeed.

That’s where we at Breeza Consulting come in.

Your trustworthy & knowledgeable hand-hold through the entire process.

Are you interested in this opportunity or do you have a friend or family member in mind that is? Let's hop on a call to discuss how I can be of service and if you just want to sit back and watch for a while, please join our facebook group, and add me on Instagram @_sarahmiche11e

We've lived in Airbnb's, we've hosted guests in our own Airbnb's, and now we are helping others fulfill their dream of one of the best side hustles, in our opinion, in the world - Lifestyle Property Rentals

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