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The Best Friend Package

We hold your hand like a best friend would as they help you through the airport on your first international trip. This is our most budget-friendly option for those who want some extra help in their foreign property purchase but don't exactly know where to start. 

We can also build you a plan that will work for your purchase in the future, but ideally, you've come to us ready to hit the ground running and start looking for properties. 


Every successful business starts with a plan. We discuss your overall goal for the property and business and create a plan and schedule for how we will get you there.


During our plan setup, we discuss what type and size of the property are best for you and your budget. We go over locations and where you want your property. We can also give guidance on profitable tourist destinations. Europe doesn't have an MLS or Zillow, so after we confine what you are looking for, we then give you resources to search for properties. We are always searching for new properties that we know our clients will love - we can set up daily or weekly listings that we think you will be interested in to be sent directly to your inbox. 


Remember, this package is a trusty hand-hold through the process. An accountability buddy, and a plan set up. We help create your plan and make sure we set you up with tools so you can achieve your goal within your time frame.


Once you find a property you are interested in, we connect you with our trusted Brokers, Agents, and Lawyers so you can make it happen. We check in for every step along the way, but you are working side by side with the local agent in the country you are looking to buy in.


We are confident your sale will go as smoothly as it would if you were buying domestically. 


Once the sale is done, we give you the resources that you will need to start your Vacation Rental Business.


With our self-property management resources you will be able to:

1. Set up your marketing profiles on Airbnb, Vrbo, and others we discuss during our initial creation of your plan.


2. Find your 'team': cleaners and handymen etc. so you can run your business remotely.


3. Our ebook guide, How To Manage Your Vacation Home From Anywhere is included for free with this package.


I'm also available for guidance and questions as you get set up.  ​

We can also set you up with one of our property management groups so you can leave any of the "stress" at the door. 

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