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Interest Rates and Where to Find the Lowest Ones

During these economically unstable times, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to put savings aside, and we also need to be extra smart about investing the savings we already have in order to minimize risk and maximize profit.

The best course of action is to gather as much information as you can and keep an open mind towards investing in foreign markets. Now is the time to diversify your investments and find new ways to make your money work for you!

As you probably already know, the Federal Reserve and European central banks are all battling an astonishingly high inflation, which brought on a steady increase in interest rates.

While the US Federal Reserve interest rate is currently at 4,5% and is estimated to rise to 5,1% in 2023, the euro area average interest rate is at a much lower 2,5%. However, interest rates vary vastly across European countries. Many of them, including the UK, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland have a key interest rate that is significantly lower than that of the US.

So, the question arises: if one were to invest in a European country, which one would be the right choice, considering everything?

Our bet is on Croatia.

Their 2.5% interest rate means that you can get a cheap loan to purchase property, and thanks to the booming tourism industry you can be sure that you will get great returns on your investment if you decide to rent it out.

According to our experts, inflation may be near its peak in Croatia, and the annual rate of inflation in the Eurozone showed deceleration for the first time in more than a year.

If you want to learn more about investing in Europe, drop us a line and we'll help you from the first steps!

The Breeza Team

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