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Europe’s Best-Kept Investment Secret: Croatian Real Estate

In the midst of the current economic turmoil, inflation and cost of living crisis, you might be wondering what is the best way to protect your money and make sure it doesn't lose its value.

Well, there is no single recipe for success, but there is one opportunity you'll definitely want to check out: investing in real estate in Croatia.

"Why Croatia?" you might ask.

The answer is simple: Croatia boasts a stable economy thanks to its strategic position in the Mediterranean and a booming tourism industry, which accounts for the fact that real estate investing has been continuously profitable in Croatia since 2013. Housing prices in the country's coastal regions have been increasing by an average of 12% a year, reaching 20% a year for the last few years in luxurious tourist paradise Split.

Worried that you might encounter difficulties buying real estate in Croatia as a foreigner?

Don't! About 75% of all recent Croatian real estate investments have been made by foreigners. How can you profit from owning real estate in Croatia?

1. Buy now and resell later for a profit.

2. Rent it out to tourists for a stable passive income.

However, if you are planning to invest in Croatian real estate, there is one important thing to note: the country is going to replace its national currency, the kuna, with the euro next year, so the relatively short window before that happens is the absolute best time to make a banging investment.

If you are interested but not sure where to start, get in touch with us and we'll help you through the exciting process of investing in Croatian real estate!

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